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1. Acanthopanax-Root, also called "wild tree ginseng" or "heaven ginseng" is the main ingredient.

2. One of the most potent herb medicines like ginseng or young antlers of the deer

3. Benefits everyone without being limited by an individual physical constitution

4. Strengthens muscles and bones and improves the symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, and neuralgia

5. Boosts energy level and increases immune system

6. Protects and fortifies cell membranes

7. Prevents the damage of liver tissues

8. Effective for sleeping and for mental equilibrium



1. are looking to improve the conditions of liver, diabetes, and the blood circulation.

2. would like to help maintain healthy joints and muscles.

3. are constantly fatigued.

4. desire smooth metabolism.


WHAT IS OGAPI? (Its scientific name is ACANTHOPANAX)

Acanthopanax is deciduous and broad-leaved shrub, which belongs to the Aralia elate family. The appearance looks like wild ginseng and is called 'Siberian Ginseng' in Russia, America, and Europe. It grows wild only in the hilly sections of 600-1000m above the sea level. It is nonpoisonous and its efficacy has attracted much attention all over the world as a new medicinal herb.

Acanthopanax became known when it was introduced in 'New Science' in 1986 as a supplement the Soviet athletes used to take to enhance their performances in the Olympic Games. Also mentioned in the article was that astronauts and soldiers, people who require high concentration and physical strength, also benefited from Acanthopanax.

Professor Wagner of University of Munich in Germany's research proved that Korean Acanthopanax contains higher percentage of various useful elements as well as acanthoside with the best bioactive property than Acanthopanax grown in other areas of the world.



Take 2 packs a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

(The amount of daily intake can be increased or decreased, depending on one's health.)



Acanthopanax-Root 80%(Korea), Mulberry Root Bark 5%(Korea), Cnidium Rhizome 5%(Korea), Angelica 2.5%(Korea), Pcony Root 2.5%(Korea), Papaya 2.5%(Korea), Citrus Unshiu Peel 2.5%(Korea) 



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