Insung Herb

General Conditions 

Article 1 (Objective)

The purpose of these general conditions are to regulate rights and responsibilities of an user/consumer of the internet related services (hereinafter “service”), which is provided by the Healthy Foods Insung Herb shopping mall (hereinafter “mall”). The Healthy Foods Insung Herb shopping mall is operated by a branch office in the United States, Insung Natural. 

These general conditions must apply to E-Commerce which requires on-line services and wireless services as well, unless it conflicts with the character of the business. 


Article 2 (Definition)

“Mall” means a cyber business site created by Insung Herb with using computer and technology for the purpose of providing goods and services to an user/consumer so that an user/consumer can conduct business. In addition, “Mall” means a business operator who operates a cyber mall. 

“User/consumer” means a member or nonmember who accesses “mall” and receives services in accordance with these general conditions provided by “mall.

“Member” means a person who has provided one’s personal information and has completed a member registration process. “Member” is entitled to receive information of “mall” continuously and utilize services provided by “mall.”

“Nonmember” means a person who does not sign up for a membership and utilizes services provided “mall.”


Article 3 (Statements and amendments)

“Mall” posts contents of these general conditions, a name of the company, a name of the representative, a name of the business, a corporate registration number, a retail business report number, a phone number, an e-mail address on the front page of its service site for a user/consumer.  

Before a user/consumer agreeing with the general conditions, “mall” must present and explain important information, such as consumer right of defense, shipping policy, and return policy to user/consumer. “Mall” must use provide a user with any additional connected-screens or pop-up screens to help a user to understand such information information and to agree with those terms. 

“Mall’ may amend the general conditions within the range of not violating the consumer protection law, regulation of standardized contract act, framework act on electronic commerce, digital signature act, and communication network of information. 

 When “mall” amends the general conditions, the effective date and causes of amendment must be stated and announced along with the existing terms and conditions seven days before the effective date to one day until the effective date. If “mall” amends the terms and conditions in the disfavor of a user/consumer, a minimum of thirty days of a grace period must be given to a user/consumer before an announcement. In such case, “mall” must clearly compare and indicate the contents of the terms and conditions before the amendment and after the amendment to a user/consumer. 

In case of an amendment, the amended terms and conditions will be applied to contracts that are signed after the effective date of an amendment. If a user/consumer wants the amended terms and conditions to be applied to his/her contract, a user/consumer must inform “mall” and get consent from “mall” within the period of an announcement of the amendment.  

Undecided matters and interpretations of these general conditions must comply with the act on the consumer protection in the electronic commerce transaction, regulation of standardized contracts act, fair trade commission, guidelines for consumer protection, relational statute, and commercial practice.


Article 4 (Providing services and changing services)

(1)“Mall” performs the following businesses. 

    1. Provide information in regards to goods and services and enter into contracts for  purchases.

    2. Ship goods and services.

    3. Other businesses. 

(2) In the events of technical changes and out-of -stock, “mall” may change the contents of  goods and services. “Mall” must specifically indicate and immediately announce the changed contents of goods and services, and dates.  

(3) In the events of technical changes and out-of -stock, “mall” must inform a user/consumer of  reasons and causes (to a user/consumer’s address). 

(4) In such events, a user/consumer is entitled to compensation for damages caused by “mall”.  However, if “mall” proves that there were no willful negligence and intentional errors, a user/consumer will not be compensated. 


Article 5 (Termination of services)

(1) “Mall” may temporarily suspend providing services in cases of inspections, replacements       and breakdowns of computers and systems.

(2) In such events, a user/consumer is entitled to compensation for damages caused by “mall”.      However, if “mall” proves that there were no willful negligence and intentional errors, a     user/consumer will not be compensated. 



Article 6 (Purchase request)

A user/consumer may follow these instructions for a purchase request. 

Enter a name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Select goods or services.

Select a payment method.

Agreement for the terms and conditions (click)


Article 7 (Formation of contract)

“Mall” may reject a purchase request for the following reasons.

If the information provided by a user/consumer contains any false statements or omissions. 

When a minor attempts to purchase cigarettes or alcoholic beverages.

If there is a possibility that the approval of a purchase request has a disruptive influence on “mall.” 

A contract is effective when a user/consumer receives the approval of “mall (as written in Article 9, Section 1). 


Article 8 (Payment method)

A user/consumer may select one the following methods to pay for goods and services.


Account transfer 



Article 9 (Notice for a receipt confirmation and change/cancelation of purchase request)

“Mall” must send a notice for a receipt confirmation to a user/consumer in the event of a purchase request. 

Upon receipt of a notice, a user/consumer may request changes or cancelation of a purchase request if there are any disagreements.  

“Mall” must comply with changes or cancelation of a purchase request if a user/consumer requests such changes or cancelation before shipping. 


Article 10 (Shipping)

“Mall” must indicate shipping methods, a person responsible for costs for each methods, and expected arrival time for each methods. If the shipping was delayed due to willful negligence and intentional errors of “mall”, a user/consumer will be compensated by “mall.” However, if “mall” proves that there were no willful negligence and intentional errors, a user/consumer will not be compensated.


Article 11 (Exchange and refund)

(1) Exchange and refund are available under the following circumstances.

Within seven days of receiving the ordered item(s). 

 If the ordered item was damaged during the process of the shipping and handling. 

If the ordered item was substantially different from advertisements or descriptions.

If the item was incorrect. 

 * "Mall" will refund the full amount including the return shipping fee.

If the item is unopened and not consumed or damaged by the user/consumer.

 * A user/consumer is responsible for the shipping and handling fee. 

(2) Exchange and refund are NOT available under the following circumstances.

Seven days after receiving the ordered item.

User/consumer’s usage or consumption caused a substantial decrease in value of the item.

User/consumer’s usage or consumption caused any damages or destructions on the item.

If it was restricted by the consumer right of defense which is determined by the act on the consumer protection in the electronic commerce transactions. 


Article 12 (Personal Information Protection)

“Mall” must collect only the necessary information from a user/consumer fulfill a contract. The following information is required.



Phone number

E-mail address

ID number (for members)

Password(for members)

“Mall” must have consent from a user/consumer when collecting personal information.

 The collected and provided information shall not be shared and given to a third party without a user/consumer’s consent. If this was violated, “mall” is responsible for it. The exceptions are allowed under the following circumstances.

When “mall” gives information of a user/consumer, such as a name, address, and phone number to a shipping company for the purpose of the shipping and handling. 

When the collected and provided information was used for statistics, academic research, and market research. 

When “mall” needs such information for the purpose of business or calculation of payment. 

When “mall” needs such information to identify a user/consumer to prevent frauds.

When it is required by laws and regulations. 

     (4) When “mall” needs consent from a user/consumer (based on Section 2 and 3), “mall” must state the information (affiliation, name, phone number, and other contact information) of person who is responsible for managing personal information, the purpose of collecting the information,     and the involvement of a third party which are governed by the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use. A user/consumer may withdraw the consent at any time. 

     (5) A user/consumer may request a review or correction of errors of the personal information and “mall” must comply with requests. When a user/consumer requests a correction of errors of the personal information, “mall” may not use any of the personal information until it is corrected. 

     (6) “Mall” is responsible for protecting personal information of users/consumers. “Mall” is responsible for any damages caused by loss and frauds of such information. 

     (7)After using the personal information, “mall” or a third party must destroy it accordingly. 


Article 13 (Responsibilities of “mall”)

(1) “Mall” shall not be engaged in any misconduct that violates these terms and conditions and is responsible for providing constant and stable goods and services to a user/consumer.

(2) “Mall” must maintain systems to support activities of users/consumers and protect the personal information. 

(3) “Mall” is responsible for any damages caused by unreasonable advertisements or wrongful signs of goods and services.

(4) “Mall” shall not send any e-mails containing profit-making types of advertisements to a user/consumer if a user/consumer does not want such e-mails.


Article 14 (Responsibilities of a user/consumer)

(1) A user/consumer shall not do the followings.

Stating false information in the application.

Using someone else’s information.

3. Modifying the information of “mall.”

Transmitting or announcing information other than what “mall” has allowed.

Invasion of “mall” or third party’s copyright or intellectual property right. 

 Damaging reputation of someone or interrupting business of someone.

Disclosing or posting messages that are obscene, indecent, or violent.


Article 15 ( Belonging and restriction)

(1) Copyright and intellectual property right of any works or writings created by “mall” belong to “mall.”

(2) A user/consumer shall not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, or broadcast any information that was obtained through “mall” without consent of “mall.”

(3) When “mall” uses copyright of a user/consumer, “mall” must inform a user/consumer.


Article 16 ( Dispute resolution)

“Mall” must reflect complaints and concerns raised by users/consumers. “Mall” must establish and operate systems for compensating damages.

 “Mall” must immediately take necessary steps to handle complaints and concerns raised by users/consumers. If an immediate handling was not possible, reasons and processes must be given to users/consumers.